Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sophie Calle

While in London I visited the Sophie Calle: Talking to strangers exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. It included a selection of work where she has reported on various encounters and situations that she has become involved in, for example when a stranger asked to mourn his break up by sleeping in her bed, or inviting an author to take charge of her destiny by directing her on how to go and meet it...
It was a fascinating and beautifully designed could easily spend a day there reading everything. Unfortunately I didn't have time to so will hopefully have a chance to go again.
I particularly liked a set of writing and photography that was made in response to a project where Calle asked strangers in the Bronx to take her to wherever they wanted (within the Bronx) and explain why.
Another interesting project was 'Prenex soin de vous' where Calle invited 107 women to interpret an email where her partner breaks up with her.
It is free so if your in London it is definately worth a look.

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